Friday, June 11, 2010

the real villian

Well, they've done it. Work has blocked out anything it deems to be a "gambling" site so I cannot view many of the blogs I used to read. No more Drizz or BadBlood during the day. No Shamus or Hoy, or ck. None of that during the day.

But for whatever reason I can still read Tao of Poker. Go figure.

This irked me today because I wanted to read the anonymous letter Pauly referenced on Tao of Poker today railing on Daniel Negreanu. Or so it appeared it may have. I don't know for the site is blocked.

It got me to thinking of who the real villain in poker is and the general douchebaggery some of these "star" players think they can get away with.

Granted my knowledge of who some of these guys real are is limited. I can only work with what I read and hear from people that deal with them directly. Bottom line is it is my opinion.

When you think poker villain or guy you like to hate, most would say Phil Hellmuth. I wouldn't. I would actually state someone that most people like. Hell, I liked the guy too until I heard what a dick he was.

I would say the real villain is Daniel Negreanu. The reason why is simple. He puts on more of a fake act on at the table that Hellmuth.

Both put a show on at the table. Nice guy versus Poker Brat. But away from the table, Hellmuth seems to be the nicer guy to be around. He doesn't go around bitching about what people write about him, tournament structures, or what other people enjoy eating. He may seem like a jerk at the table but he is not a worm in the background.

Maybe I'll have an update later when I get a chance to read that letter. I doubt my opinion will have changed.


TripJax said...

RSS Reader?

Drizztdj said...

If you can hop on Google Reader or Bloglines I'd do so.

Can't access the site and some pics are unable to load, but at least you'll get to read the posts.