Sunday, August 15, 2010

Live action

The Gentile Summit started with a trip to Canterbury Park, the horse track that also spreads poker and some other table games. Drizz had to get his Pai Gow fix so off we went.

We started by watching a couple horse races. Because I have no clue how to read a racing form I knew I wouldn't be spending much time watching ponies run. I would rather go downstairs and make some money at the poker tables.

They only spread limit games at Canterbury. I believe there is a state law that prevents them from offering no limit games. Being that I hadn't played any live poker since last December, I figured the 4/8 game would be best. Not totally nitty but just enough.

I like what I saw as soon as I sat down. I waited to post which ended up being a valuable decision. Over the course of 3 hands, I got a good read on the players. Two to my left was an aggro. He played his 4 4 like they were aces and just kept firing away. Old Greekish guy in 6 seat was calling down with 3rd pair. Thankfully he kept rebuying. He would spend the night chasing and not getting there.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I netted $93. Just played some solid tight poker. Had a couple hands hold up, some BB hit for me and the bad players lived up to their image. It was surprising that with all the chasing going on, no one was making their hands. There wasn't a lot of flushes or straights being made which was good.

Who knows, I may play some poker in Vegas next week. Going in for a friend's 10th wedding anniversary. We are staying downtown at the Golden Nugget which should be interesting. I haven't been in downtown Vegas in years let alone stay there.

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