Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No poker, lots of craps

Spent a couple days in Vegas and didn't play a lick of hold em. Closest I got was 3 card poker and Pai Gow.

I was going to play some poker at Binions but couldn't find the games. I went to the back where I had played the last time and it was dead. I began to wonder what the hell was happening in the world if Binions is not spreading a single hand of poker.

So I got drunk playing Pai Gow instead. Made a profit after I went for broke and bet my last $65. 10s and A Q were good for the win!

Then I wandered around a bit and found the poker room. I then realized that I read they had moved the poker room into the old sports book (is that right?) Figures I would find the poker room early in the morning on my last day.

I did play a good amount of craps. In fact, I broke up with the game on Monday, after two brutal sessions at Binions and later Fitzgeralds. I was done. I called it a cruel and vicious game that I would never play again.

Then I saw the 'Rapid Craps' game at Bill's Gambling Hall. I was intrigued how they had a chipless craps game. Exs can be a bitch. I heard the siren song and was back at it, plunking down just $100 as I dipped my toe back in the pool. Good thing I did. I caught the majority of a guy who tossed 33 straight. I quickly doubled up, happy I made up with craps.

Sadly, the hot shooter left after than and the table went cold. Two guys did nothing. I got my friend to break her craps cherry and she sevened out right away. So much for virgins being good at the game. But then I took the dice and made a charge myself. Went about 20 shots before I was done and was climbing close to a triple. Couple shooters later and I was done again. Time to book at win at over a double.

I'm happy I made up with craps. Hell, I knew I couldn't stay mad at it long.

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