Friday, September 17, 2010

Nice boost

It seems counter intuitive but at time I swear I play better poker while drinking. I went from work to a bar that claims to have over 325 beers in stock. The majority of these bars are in bottles going from $4-$5 a pop. There is a menu to make it easier for you.

And it did.

I felt like a kid in the candy store ordering this and that. When I left I hit up the liquor store a block down the street from my house. I felt like I struck gold by finding some Flying Dog Marzen. I added in the Spaten Optimator and was happy to go home and spend a Friday at home relaxing.

Part of that relaxing is goofing off with some poker. Having a bonus to earn I fired up Full Tilt with a need to get my Rush on. Usually I play some PLO8 but I felt the urge to add a table of PLO in as well. I was a tad concerned that I might confuse the tables but I assured myself I wasn't that drunk. I could remember low on the left, high on the right.

I ended up having the best session in a long time. I tripled up on PLO and came close to a double on the PLO8. Granted I play PLO8 very conservative but I tend to play PLO on the looser side. For once- or so it seemed- everything fell my may.

Big pots shipped my way in PLO. One hand in particular stood out. With Q Q A 3, I flopped a set out of the BB. I checked raised the flop. My opponent re-raised me leaving me with only $7 behind. I was willing to go for it since I felt committed plus I did have a flush draw. My opponent was open ended and somehow didn't hit. That told me I might be golden for the night.

It amped up my aggression on both tables. I kicked it up a notch and started to increase both stacks. I didn't get over my head by playing bad hands. Flops just hit it right.

We all need a nice confidence boost. Hopefully this one will last over the weekend.

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MicroRoller said...

Maybe you play a little too conservative and the drinks loosened you up just enough?

I don't play a lot of Omaha but I always thought I might do better drunk :)