Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Put me down as IN

Another December WPBT trip is booked. Will get into Vegas mid day, just in time throw my stuff down in the room and plunk my butt down at the Geisha Bar for shots with Al. I am not sure why I even linked Al's site as he does his writing elsewhere.

Yes, I am staying at the IP. I was tempted to be with the cool kids at the MGM but I chose to be with the drunk kids at the IP instead. At least that is where I think they are staying. Part of me thought of rallying the troops to stay at the Excalibur like the early days and take over the Sherwood Forest Bar. Yes, I am too lazy to send a simple email to check for interest.

Now I should look to shake some of the rust off and play some poker. The warm days of summer are coming to a close. More time inside means more time to play. I seem to say that every year with different degrees of success. Let's see how that works out this year.

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