Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I see Smokkee is sponsoring a Tuesday night Bodonkey with a nice overlay. If I can get Bodog to work, I plan on playing. Only problem is I have no funds on Bodog. Anyone out there that can swap some Full Tilt for Bodog? It would be greatly appreciated. Drop me an email at stb31@hotmail.com so we can work out the details.


mookie99 said...

I have funds on Bodog, but I don't think they let you do player transfers.

StB said...

Thanks for the info Mook. Guess I will have to check on some other means.

Buffalo66 said...

From what I understand, Nucharge is quick & easy to deposit with on Bodog.

However, peeps on 2+2 are saying it's taking about 4 weeks to cash out that way.

So, if you're OK with a slow cashout, that seems to be the preferred method.