Thursday, October 18, 2007

Part duh

With the Blogger Battle Part Deux coming up, I figured I should shake some rust off and play some poker. At some point I will learn only to play when focused. I had two SnGs going and lost interest about 30 minutes into each. I had been doing well but then proceeded to donk on out. Guess that means I am ripe for the picking in the oncoming series.

We'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks. My goal is to get focused enough to win my way into the Big Game. With the stuff I have to do around the house, that may be an issue. But where there's a will, there's a way.
Looking for some poker news? Dan at Pokerati is covering teh Abolute scandal going on. Haven't seen anyone else mentioning this story yet. Looks kinda ugly from my viewpoint.
Update: Drizz mentioned their was site with all the info. Found it. Could we have guessed Absolute Poker Cheats?

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Drizztdj said...

There's a couple of really good posts out there, one blog has a series of hand histories showing the "superaccount" sitting down then the player proceding to play every hand (the hand history also shows ALL hole cards).

Not good for Absolute if they think they can do business like that.