Friday, October 26, 2007

Smart to retarded in 5 seconds

I think that explain how I did in the RiverChasers tourney last night. Went from smart to retarded in 5 seconds. Was playing a patient, smart game and then threw it all away.

I was determined not to play all loosey goosey again. I showed up about a half hour in and played some hands. Made some good reads to chip back up and missing some flops and draws. Was floating along, waiting for a spot to make a move. The cards weren't coming my way and when they did, I made good use of them.

But then I hit a bit of a dry spot, and then one bad read which led to a bad move. A below average stack decided to start pushing on every hand, from EP. First time I folded A Q not wanting to go on a potential coin toss. The second time I had crap. The third time, I had 5 5. Presto never loses. I believe he was pushing on any two cards, with maybe an ace. It felt right to not just call but come over the top and make him fold that crap hand.

He insta-called. Yep, with A A.

See ya! This retard must drink the rest of his beer and shut down the pc.

The good part is I was content with my play last night up to that hand. There is plenty of time left to get back into shape. And if it continues to rain all weekend, I may find myself playing more than I expect.

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BrainMc said...

What is this mysterious "rain" you speak of? I heard legends that the old timers told us about. They said there were once days here in Georgia where water actually fell from the sky. That's just crazy talk. I'm told them that was as likely as seeing hole cards on a poker site.