Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Somehow I was at the top of the heap when the first break of the Bodog blogger tournament began. I was a bit surprised. It has been months since I played a hold em tournament. Plus I knew I wasn't playing a great game. I was leaving bets on the table and not being aggressive enough. Yet it was working.

My first major drop came halfway through the second round. I tried to collect the bounty on Rizen. With A Q I flat called his his raise. Flop was Q high. I raised his bet to just about put him in. He just called leaving 15 behind. Hmm. The remaining chips went in on the turn and he showed K K. No help on the river and I had my first major set back.

I then went out in grand fashion by calling a big bet with nothing. I put him on a bluff. I did hit my flush but he had his full house by then. It didn't matter too much. I was dead tired from working so much lately and a warm bed was better than a final table.

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The Bodog Poker Blogger said...

Thanks for coming out STB! GG!