Thursday, October 16, 2008

Game time

My goal is to not get knocked out of the LeTune Challenge wihtin the first 15 minutes. I have the fridge full of beer and nothing to do but throw cards around and drink beer. It feels like Christmas!

I did start with the Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Smooth. Nice. Tasty. I am sad that I have only one bottle.

I made it through the first 15 minutes without busting out. Small victory if I hadn't gotten a tad loose in the Omaha round. Time to tighten up a bit. I have faith in my O game if I don't get stupid. I have time and beer on my side.

I have folded the last round of hands. Game has switched back to hold em and it looks like Jordan is trying to bully the table. He has jumped out to a nice lead by playing his style. Tough to beat him when he gets into his groove. Unless you hit your hand. I need my hand.

I soon feel like I dodged a bullet. I didn't think Jordan had squat and that my two pair was good. A flush possibility was on the board and I was fully prepared to check raise him but he checked behind with trips. Wow was my read terrible. I live to fight another day.

Game switches back to O8 and my patience pays off. I call from the button with 3 4 6 6. Flop isn't too bad for me, J 5 4, two clubs. The flush is a small concern but I am hoping there isn't a big get to push me off. The SB, RakeBrain staff vadim bets only 100. Jordan calls and I call as well. Turn is 7d. Nice! Wait, there are now two flush draws. I hope that vadim will bet again so the pot is high enough for me to push all in with the 800 I have left. He does, Jordan calls and I push. They fold and I am back above the Mendoza line. Patience pays off.

On to the next beer. I looked into the fridge and found myself with a tough decision. So many good beer to choose from. Lucky guy am I. I chose to go with the Arrogant Bastard Ale. How can you not like a beer that has a label like this?

Back to hold em and I play Big Slick hard. Raise and bet the flop that I totally whiff on. I get a fold which is nice. Next hand I call a raise with K Js. Flop misses me but the turn is a K. Buddy Dank, the raiser, bets out half the pot and I just call. River is a Q and he bets half the pot again. I think I am up against A K. Not sure about it either and I am not smart enough to lay this down. I call. He shows A Q and I am over 2500. I think I can hear him cussing me out for calling that bet.

I take a nice pot from the SB and I am feeling good about my position so far. I am sitting around 12 with 19 left. Not great but I am still in.

Not much happens as the second hour starts. I need to find a place to double up. It is going to be tough with Jordan and Mookie having big stacks. Plus Lucko is stealing my blinds. Damn. Must be patient. Kinda tough as the Arrogant Bastard is living up to its name.

So much for patience. I totally fuck up a hand against lucko. I called big raise preflop when I should have folded. Flop totally missed me and I knew I was screwed. Down to 1491. Basically I have one hand left to play. Double or nothing.

I go with A K from the BB. Jordan had limped in from UTG. He calls. Flop is two clubs, 7 high. I push and he insta calls, showing Q 9 clubs. No club, no club! He doesn't get the club but does get a Q. FMTH!

I had fun though. Still have beer to drink.

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