Monday, October 27, 2008

My share of suckouts

I just about went ballistic when the guy called my push with a crap hand in the Saturdays with Pauly PLO game. When he flopped two pair to take out my A A x x hand I was ready to go on major tilt. A Phil Hellmuth moment was ready to leap out of my mouth to be heard by no one but my cat. How can I be so unlucky I thought?

But I stopped and took a breath instead. How could I be so unlucky?

I realized it was luck that had me in a position in the money. Twice I had sucked out on Pauly. I went runner runner flush midway through the tournament to stay alive. At the final table, the board would counterfeit his two pair.

There was one hand in particular that I don't think I could have gotten away from. I flopped a full house with A 6 x x in the BB. Board was A 6 A on the flop. I eyed the other stacks and was counting them in my hand. I checked and got a bet. I smooth called. Turn was a rag. I check called again. River was a 9. Again my opponent made a small bet. I immediately bet pot. He thought and pushed his remaining chips in. No way I could fold, right?

Suddenly I had a feeling I was behind. Was he really going to show A 9 x x? That would be a nice catch for him. It would be the same sick suckout that I had managed twice before. Of course he took the pot. I wouldn't recap it if he hadn't.

But I am happy with 3rd. I had some fun and was content with my game. If one card fell my way I may have won it. Then again, many cards fell my way to get me there.

I look forward to playing in the Bodog game tomorrow. Hope to see you there.

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