Friday, January 29, 2010

My 3 hand WBCOOP tourament

I saw a total of 3 hands in Pokerstar's WBCOOP yesterday. 3 hands that consisted of 7 6o, 9 2o, and 4 4. K J > 4 4.

No I didn't push on the 3rd hand of the tournament. I was delayed at work for 2 hours and got home to see I was still alive but had only 385 behind. And the blinds were coming with levels at 50/100. I would see 3 hands tops as I don't know why I would actually fold in the blinds losing half of my stack in desperate hope of getting a killer hand that would stand up.

Things could be worse in life to have a job that keeps you from playing a freeroll. I am grateful for that situation. Now if only the WBCOOP would start a bit later....

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