Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The WBCOOP routine

The PokerStars WBCOOP has started. I wish I could say I have done well but I can't. In fact the first two days were somewhat identical. They went something like this:
1. Get home about 45 minutes after the tournament starts.
2. Sit down to about 1500 in chips, down from the 2000 start. That ain't too bad.
3. Fold the first couple hands and see the break.
4. Have problems with the wireless connection. Log out and back in to get back on.
5. Play hands between connection issues.
6. Double up on a big stack who is trying to bully the table.
7. Go on minor pushmonkey imitation. Push, push, push with good hands and get called by someone who thinks I am trying to bust out.
8. End up busting when I have a good hand but can't hit any of my outs.

88 in the No Limit when 8 8 got outdrawn by A K though I had the OESD on the flop. In PLO I ran K K Q 10 into A A 10 2.

If I recall my calendar for tomorrow, it would appear that I would be showing up about 45 minutes late once again tomorrow. Hopefully the results won't be the same. In fact I would like to get a bit further in so I can have a couple beers during the tournament.

Hmm... maybe I just come home and pop open a beer right away.

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Tycou said...

definitely crack a beer. the start time sucks. right around feeding my kids, bathtime, and bedtime. rushed play does not equal good play