Sunday, April 24, 2005

Blogger tourney

Not much to report here. I played on the stupid side tonight. I started well but got impatient. I had the early chip lead when I bluffed at a pot with A J. Made it look like I had the flush.

I dropped the Hammer as well. I think that was the highlight. I called too much with J 10, not catching a flop. My draws weren't good.

And then it was over. I limp in with K 3 of hearts in the small blind. Flop come K high with 2 hearts. I bet the pot and get raised to 600. Hmm... I call. Turn is not a heart. I push all in. I realize right away that was a dumb move as my kicker sucks and I really need a heart. I am called and way behind. My opponent flopped a set. No heart mean I will be a railbird.

Man, did I play that like an idiot.

But I did clear the bonus at Party Poker. Wow are there some really bad players out there. I won pots with ace high. Ace high! Too many people playing hand after hand and staying in until the end. I knew I could call the last bet because they had nothing. The bad beats were thankfully kept to a minimum. I did see a lot of runner runner flushes. I was gracious enough not to berate anyone for their stupid play. Too many times they were calling 2-3 bets preflop and calling down many more bets in their suckouts. I may now bonus whore somewhere else. Noble Poker has some nice reviews but they apparently do not have enough players to make it worthwhile.

I also played a $30 SnG on Saturday night. That was kinda by accident. I was out drinking all day when I logged on. Had come in 4th in a $10 SnG and I thought I would make it all up and then some. I signed up for the $30 and waited for it to fill up. Suddenly I realized how foolish I was being. I tried to unregister but it was too late. The table lit up and it was on. I hung in pretty well. Made the money coming in second. Sweet.

I think now I will play some of the small buy ins at Full Tilt in hopes of winning something bigger. Wish me luck.

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