Saturday, April 02, 2005

Freerolls have been very good to me

Hit the final table once again at PokerRoom. I was in 7th having beaten out 2390 others to get this far and guarantee myself at least $22. Yep. Big stakes.

I didn't necessarily get lucky to be this far. At one spot I did suck out a Q on the river to beat some jacks but I played some solid poker. A few bluffs here, a good read now and then, aggressive play. I felt good, making some bets that I could get away from if it didn't work.

I sure didn't get more than my share of solid starting cards. Kings once. Aces maybe twice. The Hiltons just once. Never big slick suited. Ms Slick suited a couple of times.

I did have one good read. UTG limps and it folds to me in the small blind. I bump it up to 32000, a pot sized bet with A Q spades. BB goes away. UTG thinks and quickly pushes. I didn't expect that. I wonder if he is slow playing aces. No. That isn't it. I then think he has queens or jacks at best. I am confident I have at least overcards. I have him covered so I call and see K Q. Huh? I am shocked he didn't lay it down. Did he think he could bluff? Not a bad spot in hind sight, acting like he may have aces or kings.

But I wasn't going to let him get away with it. I like to take the chance and knock people out, especially when I feel I may have the best hand.

That propelled me into the top ten where I would stay. At the final table I would steal the blinds once. Hit a set with some 4s but get no action. I thought with a K up there he might make a play or think I was stealing.

I watched a knucklehead raise and re-raise with a gut shot and then hit it. Boy did that piss off the victim.

I then get the Hiltons again. It has been min raised ahead of me by the previously mentioned knucklehead and one caller. I bump it up to 150k. It folds back to knucklehead who raises again, pushing me all in. I call and see he has A J off. Not the best play I would say but I am ahead and liking it. Until the window card on the flop is an ace. Shit. There is a 10 as well. When the K hits the turn, I have the straight draw now. I need a Q or J. Nope, a 5 and I finish 7th. I did what I could. Got my money in with the best hand. I finish 7th and get $35 for my efforts.

I am playing a couple of dollar tourney later. Hopefully it is a good poker Saturday.

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