Wednesday, March 30, 2005

WPBT night

I was ready. Had gone down to the liquor store to get beer. At first I was going to just get a six pack but was worried I would run out. So I twelver of Leinenkugels was the trick. That and a bottle of Sprecher Dopplebock. Sweet nectar of the beer gods!

An hour before the tournament started, I popped the Sprecher and relax, playing some 6 player NL over at Poker Mountain. I still don't know why I have money over there. I was doing well. I noticed at one point that I was the only one raising preflop. I would follow up with a bet and the one guy, who would always call, would fold. I left after a half our up 32 big bets (.15/.25). Not bad.

I kill the next half hour with a couple of Leinies. I am now in the zone. I look around at my starting table. Only one I notice is DoubleAs. This could be rough. He just won a trip to Aruba.

I start by playing pretty bad. Try to bluff one hand and play a draw on another. I lose close to 1000 right off the bat. Wow, I suck!

With 565, I get tight. I get a pair of 8s in the SB and don't even have the cajones to raise it. I fold on the A high flop.

I continue to try and limp in and play a very pitiful game. I am down to 130. That is until I defend my blinds with K J. Flop totally misses me and I am at 70. This is the worst I have played in so long. I have this vision in my mind about this great comeback.... but that is the beer kicking in.

I get K 10 in the BB. I have some kind of chance, don't I? But I fill the flush with the 10, busting the pocket rockets. Amazing. So on the next hand I go all in with A Q and get called by the guy whose aces I just busted. Of course, he has K 6 and I lose to his king high straight.

Yes, I suck.

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