Sunday, March 06, 2005

Climbing the Poker, I mean Mountain

Poker Mountain is quite a misnomer. At least right now. I opened an account there to do some bonus whoring. With it being a new site, they are offering 100%. Problem is finding a game. For example, I logged on yesterday morning, and there were 2 people on the site. Probably was me and the administrator. The most I have seen on there is 126. Thousands and thousands on Party Poker and they can't get any guppies to come over? Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh. Full Tilt took a while to get going as well.

I did find some juicy tables though. The 1/2 limit game will clear your bonus quickly. Each raked hand of 50 cents goes toward the bonus that is released every 100 hands. At the 1/2, players will call you down with any pair on the board. Doesn't matter how many over cards, they will call you. One guy is particular thought he could bluff his way through pots. Didn't matter that he would reload for only $10. That would be gone within one orbit.

They will raise with any hand as well. J 2 suited is pretty powerful to some. So is the 4 5 offsuit. I managed to double my deposit, minus the bonuses, in 3 days playing conservatively.

One other play that is quite interesting is the blind stealing. The button will just about always raise if it is folded to him. Same with the blinds. I haven't noticed that much in a limit game. But it happens like clockwork. So does the folding if you bet out against them from the blinds on the flop.

There is a $30 tourney tonight with $1000 added. They are capping registration at 200. I don't think they have that many with cash in their accounts. So far, only 20 are registered. Could be a nice payday.

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