Wednesday, March 16, 2005

St. Patty's Tourney on the 16th?

PokerRoom held a tournament last night in honor of St. Patricks Day. Only $2 to play, 10k guaranteed. Not bad. Top 200 got paid. I was thinking I could parlay my play into at least the money and hopefully a chance at the pot of gold.

Things started slow for me. I steal a couple of small pots by betting when it is checked to me. My A K suited goes down when 3 hearts flop. I have spades. I bet my pair of aces and get called. Turn is a heart. Crap! That is a terrible card so I check. Right after the hand, I am kicking myself because I should have bet. I fold to a bet on the river.

I go on a nice little roll after that though. I see A A in late position. EP has raised so I make a pot size raise. He has me covered and pushes all in. SWEET! He shows 10 10. Huh? He put in a pile of chips with 10 10?!? I thought about this later. I make a pot size raise. Does he think I am trying to scare him off? This bet is 1/3 of my chips. I have odds to call. What is this person thinking?

After I double up, I get A Q. I raise again and everyone folds. I get K 10. It has been folded around to me and I limp. I am able to take out "Mr. All in with 10s" with J J. I called just knowing he would push with anything.

But my run would last too long. I make a mistake by not raising A Q in late position. 6 players had limped. I was concerned with one early limper thinking that if I raise, he would come over the top. So I just called. Flop comes J high, two spades. I bet out the pot and all but one fold. Turn is a 10. I bet half the pot (another mistake?)and he calls. River is a 5. Flush is missed, but now he bets just the min. I have just A high but call to see what he played. 10 5 suited. He called the pot size bet to draw his flush? He committed a lot of chips on a draw, with second pair at bet on the turn. Yeah, I was ticked. Now I am back to the starting level of 1500.

Watched some jokers take the full allotted time and then move all in. Why be a dick? Just make your bet. You know you don't need to take the time and make it look like you might fold.

I then get no cards for a long time. Finally Big Slick come along and I push my 1100 in. The slow playing idiot calls with A J. J on the river knocks me out. What are you gonna do?

I was disappointed with how this one ended. I played a SnG on Full Tilt where the deck was slapping me silly. Big pairs left and right. Too bad I didn't see that this time.

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