Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sometimes you have to just wonder

Played some limit tonight on Poker Mountain and Full Tilt. That ended up being quite frustrating. Between not getting good starting hands and defending blinds, it was quite pitiful. In the end I was down about $40. I wondered why I played as long as I did.

In was one of those nights where you got off to a good start as if it was just to tease you. I quickly move up on both sites with some sets and flushes. But then the cards just stopped coming. So did the draws. I couldn't hit a hand to save my life. Yes there would be a glimmer of hope. K K wouldn't get cracked but the opponent would fold on the turn resulting in a smaller pot. But then I would get 10 10 and get called by the guy playing any suited. Flop wouldn't touch him but he had overcards. I knew he did. When the K hit on the turn, I knew I was going to lose this hand. Sure enough, he suddenly bet out the river and showed K 9 suited. He would do it to me later with 8 6 suited.

I would have pocket rockets get beat by Q J when the flop came 9 10 J. I even said aloud I hate that flop and I am in trouble (everyone talks out loud while playing online poker right?). I have 9 10 busted in the BB when a guy hits runner runner 3s to hit his set. He had that power hand of 3 2.

After that beat, I was done. I knew I wasn't going to win playing limit tonight. So of course I went and got into a 2 table SnG. I have been playing the $5 ones at Full Tilt. I really should be playing the $10 and will start to do so. I was disappointed to come in 2nd. But I shouldn't have been. I didn't raise a single hand preflop until we were done to the money. That amazed me. I had doubled up from the big blind with K 4 when I flopped two pair and moved in. I stole some blinds and saw cheap flops but never raised with a premium starting hand.

Then I had over a 2 to 1 chip lead going heads up. Plus I had a read on my opponent. I don't believe he ever bluffed. He would raise with any pair preflop or an ace. Whenever he bet, he had a piece of the flop. My aggressive play may have backfired on me. I tried to knock him out and came close a couple of times. But A J ran into A Q. Man that always pisses me off to see the card just one higher than what you hold with your ace. I pushed with K J just to split the pot when the board paired up and his K 4 played to the ace kicker on the board. I finally pushed with ducks and was called by K J suited. He flopped the J and it was over.

At least I made some of the cash back. I also had a pretty nice bluff I was proud of. I limped in with something like J 4. Flop came 6 7 8. My opponent bet out. I knew him to be very aggressive so I raised it back. The turn was another 8. He bet and I just called. The river was a 9. I bet the pot and he folded. I figured he thought I was on a draw or slow playing a set. My read on him worked well. I will have to try that one again.

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