Sunday, March 06, 2005

I feel like I got screwed and they didn't even buy me dinner

Played the $30, 1 grand added tourney at Poker Mountain this evening. Went out at 15th. With only 73 people in the tournament, only the final table paid. I wouldn't mind going out but with the bad beat, it sucked.

I didn't really catch many good hands throughout the game. I probably played tighter than ever, but that was because there was little to play and the tables were on the aggressive side. It did allow me to slow play some hands but it was hard to chip up.

I was about to go out in the 20s but I caught a nice break. I pushed all in with KK only to have him hit his out on the river. It knocked me back down to 644. UTG I pushed with 6 6 (blinds are 150/300). Surpisingly it folds around and I collect the blinds. Then in the BB, I get 9 9. There is an early raise and then a re-raise by the small blind. I push hoping to triple up. I was shocked to see them both fold. I was now back to 2500. I stole my share of blinds but that just kept me afloat.

Finally out of the small blind, I complete with K 7. Flop comes K Q 9. I bet 300 hoping he will make a move. He pushes all in. I call to see he has 9 3. I feel damn good until the 3 hits the turn. If I double up there, I make it to the final table easily.

Instead, I watch the Simpsons. Guess I win afterall.

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