Friday, March 25, 2005

Self Destructive

That is how I felt this morning. One should not play NL when they are feeling self destructive.

It all started last night. Had some beers at the pub watching some basketball. Came home to play some drunken poker. Things seemed normal at Full Tilt. I had done very well the night before playing the limit game. The .5/1 tables were full so I registered for a $10 SnG. I was out in 9th when my A Q suited ran into quad jacks on the turn. Ouch!

I then sat down played limit. I was once again amazed by how many try to slow play in limit. Now there may be some situations where you could (or maybe should as I sure the hell ain't no expert), but time and time again I watched people slow play monsters instead of building a pot. There are so many bets left on the table that it gets pathetic.

Case in point. Guy limps in from EP. I am on the button with 5 5 and I limp as well. Flop comes J high. I check as does he. Turn is a 5. I bet and he raises. I re-raise. He calls. River is an ace. He bets, I raise and he calls, showing A A. He just about lost to 5 5 and had to suck it out with pocket rockets. I thought that was insane.

I watched as time and time again people just limped with big pairs or big slick (suited nonetheless) again and again. Whenever I was in the pot with them, I had the best hand on the turn but would lose it on the river. It was frustrating. Very frustrating.

I have read a lot of how Full Tilt has turned on many bloggers lately. I experienced last year. Ran well and then every possible suckout started to occur. Plain weird how it happens but it does.

So I woke up this morning to right the wrongs of last night. Well, not quite. I couldn't find a table at FT so I went to Poker Stars. Jumped into a $10 SnG. Was out in 9th when I re-raised a re-raise with A A. One caller. Flop comes J high. I push and get called by Q J. Of course, the Q hits the turn and I am done. Just like that. Guess it may be a long day.

So as I steam hotter than my coffee I go play at the .10/.25 NL at PStars and go back to Full Tilt. I proceed to dump another $20 at FT in 15 minutes. But I double up to 35 on PStars so it ain't all bad. Still not great but not all bad.

I am disappointed that the $50 I had at Full Tilt that I ran to $155 is now at $74. Time to hit the SnGs again and build it back up. I can't run bad for the whole day now can I?

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