Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Saturday night at the pond

Before I get to Saturday night, I noticed something different while playing at Poker Mountain last night. I played in a SnG and noticed something very strange at the end. It was down to 3 people. I had the biggest stack. There was a little button that read something like "are you willing to consider a deal". They may have a way to cut a deal in a tourney to divy the prize? I hadn't seen that before. It also showed the value of the last hand and the dollar value you would get. I hit it to see what would happen. Nothing did. But after I busted the third place guy out, the last person was on auto fold. Every bet, every small blind was folded. Huh? Was it a bot? I do not know but I had never seen that before.

Oh well, back to the indians...

I sat down in the poker room at the Menomonee casino at about 8, sporting a day's worth of beer buzz. I knew what to expect and wasn't going to let these guppies run me down. Same rules were applying again tonight.

At the table already was my friend Randy. When I sat down, he told me we had a live one going. Some old guy with an Alaska hat was tossing chips around like he was pitching pennies. He would rebuy a couple of times for $50 each. An Asian guy that arrived at the table late last night. He was with a cute blonde that I was hoping would take off the jean jacket she was wearing so I could get a better look at the goods. Instead she put on a heavy coat. There was the scruffy guy who would never raise. And two young kids who didn't appear to know exactly what they were doing. I started calling one of them swoosh due to the Nike hat he was wearing. At one point I knew he had me beat and I said to him "Your king jack is good swoosh, nice straight". He laughed and showed his hand. His buddy was just plain bad, coughing up a lot of chips.

I started the night with a suckout of my own, when I runnered 3s for a set. I did have a draw on the turn so it wasn't that bad, but I did apologize to swoosh for staying in with such crap and getting lucky. Things are a bit different tonight.

I actually have a couple good hands stand up and I am up 60 quickly. I have a nice pot with my friend Randy. I limp in from the SB with Q 2 suited. He raised and I refused to let him have it. Flop comes Q Q 7. Jackpot! I check and he bets it. The two callers dutifully placed their chips out. I check raise. Randy quickly re-raises. We now lose our callers. Damn. I am trying to think what he might have. A K? Does he have A Q? He must have big cards. Turn is a rag. I bet it and he re-raises. I tell him he shouldn't do that and just call. River is a 2. Now the board is showing 4 spades. I check and say to him he better not have sucked out a flush on me. He says he hasn't and bets. I reluctantly call. He shows Q 2 off. I toss my cards up. I had forgotten I had the 2 as well and we split. Here I thought I was beat by the boat and yet I had some chips coming in.

I only played two hours that night as I had a party to go to. I had intended to come back but ended up drinking quite a bit. I did go back to the poker room just to see only one table going. There were some huge stacks out there. One guy had over 600 in dollar chips in front of him. I was amazed at how much money was on the table for a 3/6 game.

One final thing I must say about the Menomonee Casino is that they are the friendliest people I have ever met in an Indian casino. The dealers were competent and willing to talk. Not much more you could ask for.

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