Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Call or not?

I thought I read somewhere that if you had a royal flush draw, you had to go for it. Had that situation come up on me last night. I had A 10 spades UTG. I limped in and saw a flop of K J 7, with the K J being spades. My opponent went all in. I was the in 2nd at the SnG and it would cost me 1300, leaving me where I had started at 1500. I thought and made the call. He showed J 9 for the pair. The turn was a Q so I had my straight.

But is that the right call? Leave comments. C'mon, Dr Pauly can't be the only to leave comments!!!

I ended up winning the SnG which meant I had a token for another satellite on Full Tilt. I took total control when I successfully shut down the table maniac. I was getting annoyed by his all in bets all the time. From watching him, I knew he would raise on many hands. So when he raised just the min on the button, I called with A J. Well, anyone would have called a regular bet. Flop came J high. I checked, waiting for him to bet away. Bingo! He pushes. I quickly call and he shows Q J. I take him out and I have over 11000. I take out the tiny stack and do a victory lap around the house!

Now I need to win the other satellite. I have a choice of going for a 75k tourney, a WPT tourney or a WSOP Circuit tourney. The 75k may be the best choice as the overlay is huge (from what I have heard).

Just need a little success in that SnG and I can feel the big cash coming my way.

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