Friday, April 08, 2005

Jesus has arrived at the table

Played a couple SnGs last night with bad results. That will happen when you play bad poker. I think my NL game is out of whack lately because I have been playing some limit. Trying to draw out only cost you money in NL. You may hit and take in a huge pot but you will lose more in the long haul.

Since my game was pretty crappy and I had two long bouts of getting really bad cards, I decided to play the $1 Razz tourney at Full Tilt. For those you aren't in the know, the object of Razz is to get the worst hand. It is like the opposite of 7 Card Stud. Straights and flushes do not count. I figured I could parlay my bad card streak into something good.

Of course, that doesn't happen. When I play Razz, I get pairs up the wazoo. I can turn a good starting hand like A 2 5 into 3 pair. That happened quite a bit yesterday. I bounced along in the tournament eventually busting out at 21 (out of a starting 121). I had no one to blame for myself as I played one hand way further than I should have. Yeah, I should have tightened up and made the money at 16 and come out a whole 64 cents ahead. But I had a good time.

At one point, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson showed up at the table. I was ahead of him at the time. It is interesting when a pro gets moved to your table. Some people start asking a ton of questions, others just say hi (that would be me), others gun for them. My guess is he had his chat off as he didn't respond. But I did talk with Mr Cant Hang making sure to introduce myself so he didn't think I was some crazy stalker.

Hopefully I will be playing some hold em at a church smoker tonight. Live play again. Could be good.

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