Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Played some ring game tonight. Don't quite no why. I wasn't getting any cards. Scratched and clawed my way towards even but never got there. Then when I get something, A Ks, I run it into Q Q. Ouch!

I then proceeded to get knocked around like an ugly red headed step child in the WWdN. Played way too passive. Maybe it was the raise on a board of 6 7 10. I had J J and bet out half the pot. It got raised to 350 quickly. Either my opponent flopped a set or hit a miracle flop with 8 9. Either way I didn't want to drop too much early in the tournament.

But I played pretty passively from there out. Don't know why exactly. Maybe it was the virtual slapping of the hand that cautioned me.

I tried to get some confidence back with some steals, but all I was getting was the blinds and they aren't high enough to make a difference. Dare I slow play a monster? No, not my style. Though this table was tight, I didn't want someone to crack my aces with 9 2 suited from the BB because they got a free flop.

Soon it wouldn't matter. With 10 10 in the BB, I get pocket 10s. 3 people limp. I push my last 575 in and get called in one place. He shows A 4 and promptly flops trips. Ugh!


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