Sunday, October 29, 2006

Why not play some stud while drunk

It is probably not the best idea to play some Stud tonight. After being out with friends all day watching the NFL, I would be best resolved to come home, ease it up a bit, and crash. But that is for wusses. I rather peck away at a keyboard, hit that damn back button again and again to correct my miskeys and try to explain what the hell is going on with my Stud game. Yeah, it makes little sense but I keep saying I usually play with a good buzz going.

So with my beloved Dallas Cowboys playing, I will plow ahead and go forward with most of my wits- whatever is left- to fend for themselves. With Tony Romo in, I have some faith. But with Vandgerjagt missing the FG, I wonder what the hell they are doing. Not by having Romo in at QB but with why they have the windbag Vandy still kicking. Totally over-rated. Pissing me off.

I have roughly 15 minutes til Stud time so I might as well get another beer. Tonight is brought to you by the Breckinridge Brewery's Remarkable Vanilla Porter. One damn tasty beer. I am glad I took a try on this brew.

About 12 minutes until the tourney starts and the Panthers are moving. Don't like it. Neither does coach Parcells. Touchdown Panthers. Ugh. The Cowboys defense is better than this. Crap!

With about 9 minutes until the beginning of the tournament, there are a whopping 13 entered. Not good. There needs to be a better way to communicate what is happening.

I was playing a SnG earlier and got knocked out when I pushed with my small stack with A J and got called with Q 10. Of course he flopped the gut shot straight and hit when a J hit on the river. Always sucks when some clown calls with Q high and gets lucky.

The Cowboys offense just had a stupid holding call that set them back 10 yards. I should probably talk more about the great tasting vanilla stout at this point. With a totally stupid call by the officials, they want to deny me of my prop bet of Tony Romo throwing a TD before he throws an interception. And the Cowboys get screwed!!!

Oh but the Stud tourney has started. Oh, tough table. BadBlood. Hoyazo. Maigrey. And CJ are the recognizable names. Pardon to those that I do not know. I am not liking this.

Somehow I get lucky early and jump ahead. Must try to be smar though. That ain't my strong suit. But by being aggressive, I may make it work. I played some strong draws hard and picked up some small pots. It didn't hurt that I had some redraws as well.

Of course, I then give it up systematically. Call Hoy down when I know he has trip Js. Maigrey sucks out on the river to crack my under cover KK. Ug! This is not what I need.

It is a funny thing when you play any game with a bring in. There is always a stretch where it seems you have to bring it in ALL THE TIME. Man does that suck.

But I do on a bit of a roll. Hit a flush and get a nice pot. But then miss out when the flush draw when I also double paired. The trips CJ had were better.

I give up another good pot when Maigrey's trip Jacks are better than my trip 7s. Damn. That hurts. Especially in Stud. I know that the some of the people at my table are better Stud players than I. That tells me I need to play that much better. And at the very least, I need to maximize my good hands. Yeah, that is a very simple premise, but when you are up against better players, it means that much more.

I am beginning to wonder if playing my good pocket pairs strongly in late position is a good idea. Later an interesting hand would arise. I had pocket 8s and saw free cards to 6th street. At that point, CJ suddenly bet it out. With an 8 high showing and possible straight, I didn't think he had me. Thus I made a move and raised his bet. When he just called, I felt good. I felt even better when he checked the river and I took it down with just the 8s.

Ok, long story short, I played a couple hands, got up, got down, and then hit two spots in a row where I ran into a flush and then my two pair wasn't good. Done in 8th out of 15.

I feel ok about the finish considering I am not a Stud player, but of course, I had a chance to do better.

Hopefully my Cowboys can do better. With 4:30 left in the 3rd, my Cowboys are down just 14-10, but they are looking good on offense. If they win the next 3, I will be buying me the Tony Romo jersey.

And wearing it proudly in Vegas, come December.

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

F the effing cowboys!
Nice playing with you last night, man.