Friday, October 27, 2006

Vegas planning

Let's see...
--Days off from work- Dec 7, 8, 11---check
--Respond to April about WPBT event- vote for a tournament but with an understanding that it ain't easy to set up--- check
--Get reservations for hotel. Hey the IP is going cheap again 49,79,79. Book that for now. Hooters is slightly more at 79, 129,109. Tempting--check
--Buy plane ticket. Ouch, cost of flights is at least $50 more now, even when on sale. WTF?-- ch- um no check there.

Ok, so I don't have everything done yet, but to me the hard part is done. I need to find a better price on the flight so it is time to scrounge around. More money I save up front, the more I can gambool with.

It doesn't look like there will be any poker this weekend. Going to Madison for the double dip of Badger sports. Football in the morning and hockey in the evening. Afterwards, the watching of crazy students rioting for Halloween.

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