Monday, October 02, 2006

Omaha Hi/Low interest

I probably should not have been playing the WPBT POY match last night. I wasn't into the game. My body was hurting from the alcohol pour into it on Saturday. And the couple I had during the Dallas Cowboys game.

So, add in a lot of bad cards, not bad plays, and I am surprised I made 8th place. Ok, so there were only 18 runners, but it was a final table damnit!

I also must admit one thing. I didn't hear about the gaming bill going through until this morning. I don't have much to say on it. People who have followed it a lot closer than I did can do the talking.

But I do have one thought. I feel let down by my government. Whether you agree with anything the administration does or not, whether you are a passionate liberal or conservative, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that the many are hurt by trying to protect the feeble. It is not my fault that people have a gambling problem. If they cannot protect themselves are their own demons, then they deserve to suffer. Don't punish me.

I go out and enjoy my fair share of alcohol. Some may say I drink their share too. But I don't have a drinking problem. I know when to stop. I know when to give my keys to friends and let them drive me home. I own up to my personal responsibility.

If others can't, then that is their problem. To claim that gambling is a "moral threat" is asinine. It is not online crack cocaine. The government cannot protect people from their own idiocy, but that is what they want to do.

Regulation was a better answer. I can't believe the Europeans are actually doing something smarter than the Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this should make you rethink your attitude towards crack cocaine? Lots of folks use it in moderation, some can't handle it....