Monday, November 12, 2007

Was I too aggressive or too weak?

If I look at my poker game, I am much better at tournaments than cash. Better at limit than no limit. And a small stakes guy, 2/5 at the most.

That is why I am trying to learn the nuances of NL cash again. I had some success in June playing at the MGM and hear that they games are still good for a player like me. It is the little things I have picked up reading other blogs that I am trying to incorporate into my game.

This hand went down on FTP the other day. I don't think I played it that well, nor did I play it poorly. Any advice on what I could have done better is appreciated.

Playing .25/.50 (yeah, little stacks online). Dealt 8 9 clubs in MP. It is folded around to me and I just call. Person on my left raises to 1.75. Both blinds fold. Flop is nice looking but dangerous, Q J 10, with the J and 10 being clubs. I flopped a straight with a draw to straight flush. My opponent bets out 3.50. I like my straight but realize I could be in trouble. He could have easily raised with A K which means my dummy end of the straight is just that. Making me the dummy. But the flush draw could be good unless he raised with A K clubs. I decide to raise just the minimum to 7. He comes back with a raise to 15. I just called, deciding to take some time to put him on a hand. A K is worrying me but I don't think he has it. That is based on a previous hand where he cracked A A from the SB with 8 6. UTG played it cute and limped. He flopped two pair and stacked the guy. He kept going with min raises, showing that he may not be monster strong.

When a rag hit on the turn, I pushed my remaining $20 in. I figured it would all end up anyways and this way it looked like maybe I was trying to push him off the pot with a confident big bet. He called showing K K. Rag on the river gave me the pot.

Sure I won but somehow I think I could have played it better. Should I have been more aggressive on that flop? Or maybe more cautious? Do I get him to commit on the turn? Or is pushing there, knowing I could be behind a bad move? Any advice from you cash gamers is appreciated.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Personally I think you played this hand fine. The only real concern I would have is that I would definitely have him on AK once he min-re-reraises you on that scariest of flops. I would still probably end up getting it allin, but frankly I don't think you're getting most hands that hit this particular flop to fold, and much like I like to play a high pair when an all-suited flop comes down, I often think it makes sense to wait another street until you see the turn to start really getting the chips into the middle.

Well played. FWIW I think your opponent misplayed his hand pretty awfully. On that kind of a flop with all the draws and the two-high-cards hands that just made two pairs, or sets, his KK is easily beat and when he sees your raising action on the flop he ought to be setting bells off in his head. But in the end who mucks KK for a maximum $50 pot anyways, right? That's why I play higher stakes than that. 50 cent nlh can be painful with all the chasing and donkey-calling going on.

Nice hand.

Drizztdj said...

With short stacks like that auto-push on the turn with no Ace or King.

Deeper stacks and you'd have a tougher decision.

pokerpeaker said...

I was worried about A-K too until you told me your read on him. Once you established his image, the min raise made more sense other than "I really want you to call here."

I think you played it well.