Monday, November 26, 2007

Week off?

Poker this weekend consisted of playing a drunken SnG and a tired tournament that was basically a SnG. Made money in one and got bored in the other. Guess I should have been drinking last night.

I may take a break from the BBT2 this week. The MATH doesn't work well for me because of the start time and it being on a Monday. I usually sleep like crap on Sunday nights and fall asleep around 10. Any good run in the MATH would have me feeling like shit at work the next day. I may play the Mookie on Wednesday. Yeah it is the same start time but I usually have a couple beers in me and can handle being groggy on a Thursday much better than a Tuesday.

I won't be around for the RiverChasers game. Big football game going on. It sucks the NFL and the cable companies couldn't cut a deal. The Cowboys game this week should be a good one. With the Cowboys favored by 6.5, I cannot wait to see that Miami Don says bet the house on the Packers.

Another thing I have been wondering lately. Why is every tournament a double stack? I know people want more bang for their buck, but it may be killing this series. It seems there is a lot of complaining going on about the skill levels of the players. Someone catches a bad beat and begings to harangue the person for what they consider a bad play. Nevermind that the supposed bad play could have been an incorrect read, a faulty button click, or a "aw fuck it, I don't feel like playing anymore" move. Why someone feels the need to keep going off in the chat box, following a person from table to table to bitch and moan is beyond me.

Is it possible that it is because of the double stacks? With extra chips, people can play a bit looser and try to get lucky on the flop. They can lose half their stack and feel like they are starting a regular tournament. Sometimes that is how I play. I will take some early chances knowing I can get those chips back later. With smaller beginning stacks, it could take that gamble factor down a notch.

Just a thought.


BadBlood said...

I think the smaller stacks would increase the gamble, IMO. Why people berate in chat is a whole other issue. A totally ghey issue. But that's for another conversation.

No Dr. can cure our disease.

pokerpeaker said...

That's the way you should play in a double stack tournament, which is why they are more fun. There's more play, rather than losing half your stack on TPTK and suddenly your M is 4.

If that causes people to berate in chat, I would argue that the poeple, noe the stacks, are killing the series, although I don't think the series is dying. Those people are just losers. End of story.

Drizztdj said...

Who wants a bunch of preflop poker? With deeper stacks you can actually call a raise with less then optimal hands and play it out without feeling pot committed.

Or else every one of these tournaments would be reduced to push and pray after the first hour if you weren't lucky enough to get AA vs. KK/QQ etc...

bayne_s said...

I don't think starting stack makes a bit of difference. If someone feels compelled to call off their entire stack on a draw after turn with 2p or flush draw into my made straight then whether it was 1500 or 3k stack probably matters little to them.

Anonymous said...

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