Thursday, September 02, 2004

Badger Poker... Tilt!!!

Wednesday night has me going downtown to Gametime to play more poker. Sat down at a table that wasn't facing the sun. Also sat there because there were two women sitting there. Now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, it hasn't nothing to do with women playing poker. It has to do with the fact that most women that play in Badger are either very tight or very loose (not in a good way). These two would show to be very tight. One was married (I think it was her husband that was to her right) and the other was a chubby chick. The rest of the table filled up with players I had played with or seen. Germ, the guy I lost to at Lave sat across from me. We killed some time talking about the level of play at the Pot and online. To his right was a friend of his, looked Hawaiian, seemed cool. He started by playing every hand and either showing 3rd pair or mucking at the river. He was paying Germ off well. Otherwise the table was somewhat tight. I got a boost early. Pot was raised to 600 and 4 people called. I had a pair of 7s and flopped 3 3 7- full house. Tight girl to my right bet out 500. I raised to 2000 and everyone folded. I think I overplayed that hand. Probably should have just called, but 7s over 3s could have been busted right away. Took in a decent pot so I was satisfied. Bruins hat slowplayed his A A and made very little. Later, he would have them cracked doing the same thing. I tried to play it easy and just last. It didn't work well. Avoided a disaster when I raised up with J J in early position. Chubby chick called as well as Germ. Pot was about 2400 when the flop showed 10 10 4. I bet 2000. Chubby called me quickly. That alarmed me. She must have something. Germ though went over the top and all in. I knew CC had me beat. But what could Germ have. I decided he either had A 10 or J 10. I mucked. She called and showed K K. He had A 10. Ah, the benefit of having played with someone before. Flip side is I had bled some chips on hands that didn't hit and was sitting at about 3500 at the end of the first session.

Not much happened in the second session. I was determined to find a spot and push. I would double up from the BB. Had J 9 and called a small raise. Flop came 8 5 2. It checked around. Turn was a J. I bet 1500 and was called by the 2 other players. River was an 8. Not a bad card, but not good. I pushed all in after looking at Bruins hat and figuring he probably didn't have an 8. When he quickly called, I thought I was done. He showed J 5, the other one mucked and my 9 kicker won the pot for me. I had tripled to just under the start of 10k. I was back in it. I continued to play it on the tight side. They had moved some people to our table. One big stack walked in and turned out to be an aggressive buckhead. Yes, that is with a B. I think the guy bought all his clothes at Gander Mountain. GM hat and a shirt that said Buckwear. His stack was slightly bigger than Germs. This is where things got interesting. Buckhead starts raising every pot. At first he gets everyone to fold. But Hawaiian takes him on and gets him to show his cards. He has been raising on suited or connectors and sometimes was just calling with big pairs. Germ apparently decided to take him out. The two went to war. Buckhead raises, Germ re-raises. Cards come out, chips fly in. Buckhead starts taking pots. He shows the Hilton sisters and wins. He catches a J on the river and wins. Again, he rivers a win. Germ keeps firing chips and Buckhead keeps calling. Right before my eyes, I am watching Germ tilt. He is melting like an ice cube and getting frustrated that Buckhead is catching his cards. He then busts out. He pushed all in with A J. Ran into A K and K Q. A K held up and he went from a big stack to being out within 5 hands. He is a good player and unfortunately lost it. Buckhead on the other hand was beginning to use his stack well. But then he tightened up as blinds went up. Interesting.
Me, I made it to the next break with about 12000. Played it easy, taking in some small pots.

Blinds moved to 1000/2000 before I got into any real action. In the small blind, I called with K 9. Guy in the BB raised it 2000 more. I had been talking with him and gave him some shit for doing that to me. I chucked in 2000 more. Flop came J 10 7. I fired 3000. He called. Hmmm.... Turn was a rag. I stated him down and checked. I kept looking at him as the river came out. Q. Nice. I push and he calls. I doubled up on my straight. I am now in a position to coast a bit and only play big hands. I catch K K in early position and push. I only get one caller who has a whopping 300 to his name. I took the blinds and knocked him out. Get J J and get no called so I take some blinds again. I would end the session at around 28000.

We are somewhere around 25 players at the end of the next break. Blinds have been hiked up to 5000/10000. After everyone grumbles about the jump (from 2000/4000), I look down to see Siegfried and Roy. I am on the button and push. Everyone else had folded. I get the guy on my right to call (he had me covered) as well as the big blind who was all in. We turned them over and my Q Q was by far the best hand. Small blind had 8 5 clubs. Big blind had J 8. Flop came with A A 10. Rag and the river was another A. So glad no one had an A in their hand. Now I was up to about 60000ish. Blinds knocked me down to about 45000 as there was another quick break as they chipped everyone up to purple. They also hiked the blinds up to 10000/20000. Ouch. We are also down to the last 2 tables so I am getting some points. Play resumes and I see A Q spades. Nice. I am on the button. It folds around and I push. Both blinds have huge stacks. SB folds. BB calls as it is only 15k more. He turns over 8 8. Hmm....I got the over cards. Flop doesn't hit me. Turn is the A. Yes. Looks good as I turn the river. I have a bad feeling. Too bad a feeling. River is the 8 of hearts. Busted. I am out at 18.

I felt better about how I played later in the game. I liked taking advantage of the tight players when blinds had moved up. Too many people stay tight, just hoping to survive to the top 20. However, I still feel I am too loose in the beginning, but didn't suffer any tremendous bad beats. It felt good to gain some point once again. Hopefully, I can continue this and make it a trend.

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