Saturday, September 04, 2004

Papa's Social Club...The guys weren't kidding

Friday afternoons in the investment world can be brutal. Add in the fact that it is summer and the day before a holiday weekend. That is B R ootal!!! So it is no wonder that the boys were getting up a poker game for after work. It was off to Papa's Pub for some crazy poker action.
Ran into Eric there. He used to work with us. Otherwise it was the usual cast of characters. Nate, Sam, Curly, Pat, Sean and Darren (Little Bladder Girl).
I got there just after they started a game. Curly had just busted out and they were kind enough to let me buy in for 75% of the starting stack. Thank guys, you are sooooo generous. First hand I am dealt a Q J. 4 people see the flop of 8 8 10. I bet out and Eric immediately raises. I had liked my draw but this gutshot isn't worth it. I did like how someone commented that I was trying to buy the pot right away. File that one away. I would bust out of the first game moving in with K Q clubs and getting no help. Eric took game one.
Game 2 started up. Pat seemed to go all in a lot (shocker!). There was a big pot early in the game. I had gone to the restroom and came back to see 4 people had gone all in. Most of them had crap except for Nate's Hilton Sisters. The girls held up and he had a huge lead. Those girls would come back to crack my A A and knock me out. I guess Nate was having his way with the ladies. BOC had arrived and was tossing chips all over the place. I don't know what was going down faster, his chips count or the drinks he was gulping down. Sam seemed to have all of his good hands busted by the board. We seem to lose a bunch of people when this game ended.
It was down to just 5 of us for game 3 and the stakes went up. Somehow I had gotten out to a lead. Don't recall. Hey, I was having my fill of beers too. I just remember that I finally had won a game. Maybe it was because the entry was higher and the winner's share was greater. I won with A J. Flop came out beautifully, K Q 10. I checked to Nate who made a big bet. I went into my best Oscar award winning performance and "thought" about it. I took my time, looked at his stack and pushed him all in reluctantly. The straight held up. It was funny though. Nate had a Q in his hand and one came up on the river. He thought he won. When they showed him the straight he goes "Really?...oh" Maybe he didn't realize the game was over.
They then forced a 4th game. I don't recall the details. I just know I won when I called an all in bet with A 3. Nate showed his A Q and I thought I was done. But a 3 came up to give me another victory.
But let's get to the highlight of the night. Kelly. Now the boys had mentioned the hot waitress at Papas. They were not kidding. Nice rack. Definatley, lived up to every word they said. I had to give credit to Sam and BOC, the pretty boys, who kept her coming back. I thought there could be massive zipper shrapnel every time she leaned forward and pressed her chest against the chair. Nice, sweet girl. I envy her fiancee.

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