Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Badger Poker...He called with that?!?!?!

Some of the play I saw last night shouldn't surprise me anymore. But when the big suckout happens to you, it kinda- no it totally- pisses you off. Tuesday night found me at the Rock Bottom, sitting in a solid chair for once, playing that funky little game we call NLHE. Had dinner before the contest with CP. He always eats the Hickory Burger so I thought I would try it. Good burger but it gave me a good case of gas. You don't want details on that. You want details on this:
Went downstairs just before the contest started. Sat down at the first table I saw that had good chairs. I should clarify what this means. When they set up, night after night, they bring in the poker tables and their own chairs. These are the most uncomfortable folding chairs in the world. If you have ever slept in a hideaway sofa (c'mon, who hasn't?), you could imagine sitting in these chairs. It feels like the chair back cuts into your back like the bar in the sofa. The seat of the chair is plastic that sinks as you sit in so you need to lean forward to be comfortable and fell level. But I digress. I sit at the good chair table without really scouting out the competition. I throw my chips out and stack them, looking around. I then notice Bagman. Yapping away like always, talking about how he has to be somewhere at 9 and he doesn't know why he is here, blah, blah, blah. Has the stupid bag on the table. Mentally, I get ready for war and taking his dumbass out. Next to me on my right is MP3 guy. He sits there bopping around listening to his music. Across was Big Harley Chick. Some guy with glasses was to my right. An older big guy was in the middle. A quiet guy next to Bagman, and HAG- Hairy Arm Guy. I guess it could also be Hairy Aggressive Guy as he liked to push in. First pot I got involved in had me limping in with A 7 suited. Board came in with low cards, 7 3 4. It was checked around (4 people) to Bagman, who predicatably bet out a small bet of 500. I called along with Big Harley Chick. Turn was a 5. Checked around. Bagman predicatably checked as well. Dude has no clue how predictable he is. More on this later. River was a 2. Looky there, a wheel! I bet 1500 and the BHC calls. Bagman predicatably whines and shows his pair of 8s and folds. I turn my cards telling BHC I am hoping for a split. I am relieved when she shows AJ. At this point, I do something funny without even realizing it. I stack the pot into two equal stacks, but keep each color separate to show they are equal. I then pull the green stacks to me. She says something right away. When I realize what I have done, I simply laugh. Freud would have been proud.
A couple of hands later, I take in a big pot, doubling up with 8 9 suited. When the flop came 8 9 10, I pushed all in to try and drive BHC out. She called with JJ. No help for her and I take in the pot. I am sitting pretty just over 20k. BHC would go out on the next hand with 10 10. Table itself was strange. It started extremely tight. A raise of 500 could cause people to fold. Then HAG got started. He started pushing in after the flop or on the turn on a couple of hands. He had some good hands. Showed A A once but otherwise he started making moves with second pair. He would get knocked out with his aggressiveness. Bagman was beginning to annoy as well. At one point, he moved all in for like 7500 to capture the blinds. When he does, he counts out the chips, pushes them in, then grabbed the bag, put the chips into the bag and then slammed the bag on the table. I told him he wasn't starting that crap again. He then dumped the chips out of the bag. He would do this a couple times, same routien. No one called and he takes in the small pot. Someone made a comment about how he made a whole 500 on it. He goes into some diatribe on how J J had just lost and the flops weren't hitting him even when he did raise, blah, blah, blah. I comment on how he will get taken out with a move like that. J J isn't as strong as most people think. Bagman goes on with "well then call me" Yeah, me and my 6 3 suited are calling you. Dipwad! Bagman just about gets knocked out by HAG when he goes all in with A 9 against A J. Bagman dances and begs for a 9 that comes on the turn. Shit! I though the annoying dipwad was done. HAG gets bounced. Quiet guy next to Bagman gets bounced. There is a ruckus at the table next to us. When the 5 players get moved to our table, we gets a bit of the story. Some "Devil Woman" was dealing and mucked someone cards while they were in the hand. The girl had shown someone behind her the cards and placed them back on the table. Devil Woman grabbed them, saying she mucked because she showed someone else the cards. At least that seemed to be the story. Just before the break, I lose a huge pot to a suckout. The funny thing to me was I realized who this assclown was after the break. Blinds were at 500/1000. Assclown raised to 2000. I am in late position, look down and see the Hilton sisters, and call. There is one other in the pot. Flop comes 7 6 2, all spades. Assclown bets only 2000. I call and the other girl folds. Turn is the 6 of clubs. I am certain he has not made the flush and does not have a big pair. I am putting him on A x. He bets 5000. I have him beat at this point so I raise to 10000. He thinks a bit and calls. River is a spade. Shit! He checks. I think for a bit and check as well. Assclown isn't too bright to pull a check raise, but he may have sucked out a spade. Sure enough. He turns over A 2. His A high flush beats my Q high flush. He called me with A 2 needing an ace or spade to hit on the river?!?!? That pissed me off. I knew I had him up to the damn spade on the river. I lost 14000 on that hand. Left me with about 7900. A playable stack but I pissed about the suckout. How do you call half of your stack with no pair and drawing to a flush??? I realize Assclown is a guy I had played against earlier in the series. This guy sucks. He will call down with bottom pair or high card. Amazingly, tonight he was hitting his cards.
Finally Bagman gets bounced. He went out stupid too. Guy moves his small stack all in. Assclown calls and Bagman pushes over the top (yeah, he stuffs his 15k in chips into the damn bag again before dumping). Before he does, the first pusher is egging him on. First push shows A 9. Assclown shows 10 10. Bagman shows A 2. A 2??? He say it won before and it will win now. Huh? Bagman gets all happy when a 2 hits the flop. Board pairs up jacks but the 10s hold up. At this point, Bagman begins to scoop the chips. People stop him telling him he didn't win. He insists for a second that he had two pair. You did Sherlock but the other guy beat you with his pocket 10s. Sheepishly, he leaves the table. What kind of idiot pushes with A 2?

I haven't done much since the break. Figure it is do or die soon. I get A J suited and raise up to 3000. Get two callers, including Assclown. Flop comes Q J 2. Assclown checks, I bet 2500 and the girl to my left quickly calls. I don't like that. Turn is a J. I sigh and push. They both fold. At least I got part of my stack back from Assclown. But it is killing me. Each time I look his stacks I think they should be mine. A hand later, I get A 6 in the big blind. Same players are in. Flop comes A 6 3. I bet 3000, the chick on my left quickly calls as does Assclown. Turn is a 3 and I push. They both fold. Chick says I had the 3. Told her I had two pair. My quick moves there put me around 20k.
Unfortunatley, I didn't get much to play from there. The table got tight again so I stole some blinds. Got dealt K K but Assclown was dealing and flipped over two cards. Immediately after that I got J J, raised to 5000 with 3 callers. Someone bet strong on the flop of A high and I had to fold.
Before I knew it, we were down to 20. Blinds are now 5000/10000. They moved people into our table and dealt for deal. My hope for survival is that I catch the button or it is to my left as I have only 17500 left. But fate deals me an ugly blow. I post the big blind and catch K 6. Luckily it gets called to me and I check. Flop is A K Q. Crap! EP bets and is called. I muck. Can't go against aces and my kicker sucks. Amazingly, a pair of Kings win, but she did have me outkicked so I feel better. Other guy called down with 6 6. Huh? I post the small blind. I call blind my last 2500. Flip over Q 7 to face A 10. No help and I am done in in spot 20, getting my 1 point. Whoo hoo!

I am somewhat amazed that I stayed in that long. Played some good poker (at least to my liking) but didn't catch many cards most of the night. But that suckout still gets me.

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