Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Badger Poker...What a boring night

It was a boring night of poker at the Rock Bottom Brewery. Sat down at the table that was empty except for one person. Tried to talk but he didn't want to. Some stoner dudes sit down and we talk football for a while. A tight aggressive guy sits two to my left and a talker sits across from me. We played with 8 to begin with.
What a tight table it was. For the first half hour, there was little calling. If someone raised, everyone folded. I didn't get much to play but started to steal anything I could. Got Q 4 in the small blind. Called. Bet the flop and he folded, even though I caught nothing. It continued like that for a bit. I never got any real accumulation of chips. At one point I limped in with A 8 suited. Hit an 8 on the flop that is J high. I check, guy to my right checks and one of the stoner dudes, a true calling station bets 500. I call to see another card as does the other guy. Turn is an A. I bet 1500 and get both to call. Interesting. River is another J. I bet 2000 and they both call. They both are holding smaller pairs. That was the biggest pot I would rake that evening. Which sucked. The Calling Station was winning some decent pots and leaving money on the table. I wanted a piece of that action but only had one shot at it. I limped in with 9 10. Flop hit Q J 7. I bet my open ended straight and of course, he calls. Turn is a 4. He checks, I check. I thought of betting but decided to take the free card because I knew he wouldn't go away (earlier he had called down every bet from his buddy with a pocket rockets, even though he was winning the hand all the way). The river paired up the 7s and my straight was no where in sight. He turned over A Q and I mucked.
It was a somewhat frustrating night. Had Q Q and raised it up. One caller. Flop came A 6 3. I bet 800 and he moves all in. Muck. Next hand, I get A Q. I raise 1000 pre flop and get one caller. Flop comes K Q 8. I bet 1500. Guy thinks for a while and calls. I watched him and thought he was doing a bit of acting. Turn is a 10. I think for a bit on how much to bet. High enough to drive him out, but small enough to get away from his acting job. I bet 2000 and he moves all in. Damn! He said he had two pair. I believe it. I figure K 10 or Q 10. Where just a couple hands ago I was just over 10k, I am now down to 4300.
Table is still pretty tight. We have played for 2 hours and no one is gone. With blinds now at 500/1000 I figure I need to push somewhere and do with A Q of spades. I get a caller who shows Q 10. My A Q held up and I double through. But this guy someone irks me as does a number of other people. You have a good hand and push. Someone who has more chips than you thinks about it and proclaims "What the fuck" or "Fuck it, let's gamble" and calls you with an inferior hand. That is usually when you lose is when the guy is checking his watch and thinks about going home that they suck you out and you are done for the night. Time after time I have heard this comment only to that person win the hand. Thankfully, it didn't this time.
After the break, I move to a new table and their is the Ultimate Fish. Somehow he has a bag of chips in front of him. Don't know how he got them (stole them) because he is a bad player. Case in point, he pushed 10000 into one pot with A high. He even complained when his opponent beat him with 9s. She bet preflop and he reraised 5000 with A 5 off. Stupid. But as he sat there with this bag of chips, I was tempted to insist on him taking them out of the bag. When he took the bag and rested it in his lap for one hand, I thought of pushing all in as he only had 800 in chips on the table and I could have had fun showing him that he had to keep the chips on the table to be in play. That could have been fun. The guy is too stupid to understand the rules and unfortunately, another guy who was feeding off the fish with a big stack, let him get away with it as he knew he was going to bleed him.
Anyway, I don't see much action at this table. The most interesting thing was we were playing 500/1000 blinds when we were suppose to be at 1000/2000, but no one had told us. We didn't even know we should be on break. So it was somewhat a shock when we are told to go to 2000/4000. It sucked because I had 7000 left and had to post the big blind. One chick goes all in, the brutha to my right calls. I look and see K 7 hearts. I think that I could muck and see another round, but then again, I could triple up with some luck. I call since I am pot committed and may not see a better spot. Hoping to see a lot of hearts, but instead they flop spades and I am done. Chick had A K clubs, brutha Q J spades. Brutha hit his flush. Nice job.
Overall, it was a boring night. Nothing big happened at either table I was at. The most interesting thing might be the Loud Moron (that is the working name I am giving him). I noticed this guy last week at Rock Bottom and again at Gametime. He has gone all in and when he hits his card and wins he yells "Allright! Yeah! Yeah!". Loud. Really loud. Dude, it is a free tournament. No need to act like you just moved up the money ladder and are going to win 6 figures. Someone even told him to calm down yesterday. He doesn't get it. Funny to me was Ultimate Fish claiming to be the one who taught him to do that. Idiot. That is why you are the Ultimate Fish.

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