Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Badger Poker...did I play?

Down to the Rock Bottom Brewery for some cards on Tuesday. The Oktoberfest beer was good. Went quite well with the burger. And that is the highlight of the night. Thank you for reading.

Oh, you probably want to read about the NLHE game too. Ok, I will bother. Plunked down at a table with just a few familiar faces. Until the Ultimate Fish, or now known as Bagman, one of the most annoying people you will ever play cards with, sat down. There was one really aggressive guy and a buddy of his sitting right next too him. The Quiet Guy was the one I had to keep an eye on.

On one of the early hands, the aggressive guy got into it with the Quiet Guy. Everyone had limped in to see a flop of A K 8. I had K J so I was hoping to see another card. AG bet out 3000 on a 1500 (roughly) pot. Huh? Too much for me to bear, but Quiet Guy calls. Turn is a J. Crap! AG bet out again and Quiet Guy called. River was a rag. AG bet, QG called and showed K J to win. Damn. I caught J J and bet out. Quiet Guy called me. Flop came K Q 3. Quiet Guy bet and I raised to see where I stood. He called. Turn doesn't help. He checks, I check. Turn is a 10. Now there are 3 hearts on the board and I have 3rd pair. He bets 3000 and I have to fold. From what I would see, he would be playing a lot of drawing hands. At one point, he couldn't even beat 3rd pair on the board but he called it down. I guess I gave Quiet Guy too much credit.

Aggressive guy continued to ram and jam. He should have been knocked out but rivered a club to give him life and triple up after he took out K K and J J on the same hand. Bagman got knocked by an older guy after he over bet a pot. With 4 limpers, he raised the pot 2000. One guy called. Flop came A A 10. Bagman bet 2000. Old man called. Turn was a rag. Bagman bet, old man called. River was a 10. Bagman checked, old man moved all in and Bagman folded and he threw up his 9 9 in disgust. He went that hard with 9s??? Old man showed A 10.

I didn't have much to play. Beside my J J. I raised up with A Q just to have someone raise another 4000. Yes, 4000 with 100/200 blinds and 1500 in the pot. That is too many chips to commit to see a pot. Tried to limp with K J another time but there was always someone making an obscene raise. Thus, I had to change my betting style. That got me into some trouble and I bled out chips. Now, that I think about it, I didn't win a single hand last night.

Went out on 7 7 to off all a-holes, Bagman. With 4100 left, I raised up to 1500. Bagman raised all in to a total of 4300. Stupid thing he did that ticked me off was he threw his chips into a plastic bag that he brought along. He brought along a brown plastic bag that he could throw his chips into just to be an annoying prick. When he did this, I reached onto the table and dumped the chips out and tossed the bag to him, telling him he wasn't using a stupid bag tonight. He makes a comment like "Well, we'll see what you say when I knock you out". Oooh, I am shaking in my shoes. I call and tell him " If you knock me out, I will say good job". Yeah, tough talk right back by me. But that is what he probably wanted. This is a free tourney. Why talk shit? Hell, I could go home and play online and make $50 in a half hour (only made $29), I don't need this. So Bagman turns up A Q. Flop comes K K 2. Turn is a 5 and of course, the river is a Q. I tell him nice hand and leave. Funny thing, is most people find the bag annoying and the guys at the table agreed with me. So did the guys running the show. What sucks is sometimes the cards just don't go your way and you lose to an inferior player. There is always tonight at Gametime.

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