Friday, October 14, 2005

Break even

I played about 3 hours on the bad beat tables yesterday at Party. Jackpot was over $500k. I plodded around the 2/4 tables swinging wildly up and down. Net take was $1.25.

Pretty sad, huh?

Shocking how people will call 2 bets with K 4 suited, and then suck out runner runner to fill their flush. Of course, that is with having a flop completely miss you.

I also had my flopped set of 10s beat by the flop set of Kings. It happens. I must have been up against one of the brainiacs because he didn't raise pre-flop with the kings. He did raise me on the flop, but not the turn or river. I would try to figure that out but I would have to lose IQ points to understand why he wasn't betting 4th or 5th street. Saved me money.

Thanks to Beck for giving an opinion on playing the bad beat tables. I totally agree. People will still play their big gapped suited cards no matter how many bets are out there. Last I checked, big gap suited will not win you a jackpot. But no other thoughts on the matter?

It did get me to thinking. I haven't looked but does Party show a history of who has won the jackpots and with what hands? I would really like to see that. I would find it hard to believe that someone's 7 high straight flush beat quads to take it down.

My guess is that most hands are quads over quads or the aces full of kings being taken out by quad kings. I just hope the jackpot is still up there by the time I get home.


BadBlood said...

Big gap suited will not win you the jackpot, but could qualify you to beat someone else who does qualify, i.e. str. flush over quads.

Then you get 1/2 the money the bad beat guy gets which ain't too shabby.

StB said...

True. But I am talking about the huge gap. The guy who plays the K 4 suited. What is that guy gonna do beside suck out on the end?

Beck said...

Playing a Stars heads-up SNG yesterday, my opponent, who was also playing a NL cash game, and suddenly she types, roughly, "wiwiwiwiwiwowowowowowo!!!!!!"

Turns out she had just cracked quads with a straight flush (on a river suck-out no less). I chuckled inwardly, thinking about what that would have been worth at a Party bad beat table.

Then, a few hands later (only 10 hands into the SNG) My Aces full of 10s beat her 10s full of Aces all-in. I figure I was serving a bit of justice to whoever's quads she cracked.

StB said...

Sweet! I would be pissed if my quads were beat and their was no jackpot involved.