Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Those guys playing on Party are too smart for me

I usually don't pay any attention to the chat while I play poker.

Except at Party.

Those brainiacs kill me. Especially the "experts" that PokerTracker has assigned little fishes to.

These guys were yelling at players who would raise pre-flop. Kept calling them idiots for doing so at a bad beat table. The loudest was one who had Q Q cracked twice because he didn't thin the field out. He was willing to keep limping and losing with good hands.

They keep thinking that they need to let more players see a flop on the offchance that someone gets lucky and lays a bad beat. Their analysis was mindless.

I think that doesn't make any sense. First, people are going to call the raises anyways. They will not fold those suited connectors. What, are you afraid to scare out the one gap suited players? If they are playing those, they will still call. They aren't going anywhere.

My thoughts on any kind of jackpot hand to play the hand normally. Slow play if necessary but don't think that your opponents won't call you. They will.

I would love to hear people's thoughts on

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Beck said...

Absolutely don't alter your play for a bad-beat jackpot. Just because the jackpot is so big that it's actually +EV, the actual bad beat event is no more likely to occur than it would ordinarily be. In the time it takes for a bad beat to occur at your table, you lose so much EV from altering your play that you actually wind up a net loser from your modified play.