Friday, October 07, 2005

Maybe I won't be playing

I noticed something strange that occurred again last night. I tried to log onto PokerStars to check out how many people were registered for their blogger tournament. Note how I said I tried.

It wouldn't let me connect. I had a box that read "Connecting..." but it couldn't get into the network. I sent support an email but didn't hear back yet. I even uninstalled the hardware, played with the firewall but nothing happened.

Anyone else have this problem in the past? Any remedy is glady accepted.


Poker Nuts said...

If you have Norton Anti Virus check to make sure it is not blocking Poker Stars. Try turning it off and see if you can connect.


Easycure said...

I've never had a problem with Stars, but poker nuts comment could help.

StB said...

I use CA's EZ firewall and antivirus. I can't see where it is being blocked in the firewall.

But I am not that technical either.