Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'd like to thank the Academy...

I feel honored to have PokerStars pick my entry for what makes a good blog. I tried to express my thoughts on how I have made some great friends that share an interest in being a better poker player. I soon realized that there are bigger payoffs by sharing with others.

This blog may never be the most popular, the best written, or the most informative. There are links on the right for that. If you are not reading Dr. Pauly, Iggy, the Up For Poker gang, or the Poker Prof, you are missing out on a lot. They are much better writers than I. They have better content. They play better poker.

I am just humbled that people enjoy what I type away here. It started as a way to pass along stories about playing poker to my friends. It has evolved into a kind of therapy, where I can vent or seek help about how to play better.

What it has done is made life better. I have new friends from around the country. I have found a hobby that is exciting, profitable (at least for now), and exercises the brain. Simply put, I am having a blast playing this game and the numerous payoffs that it provides. When you realize it is more than the money, then you are truly winning at poker.


Dr. Pauly said...

StB -- I love your humbleness! You're a great poker player and an excellent scribe yourself. Kepp up the great work.

Human Head said...

you, sir, are on your way to completely ruling. Nice job on the essay!

BTW, ditto Pauly. You're underestimating your writing skills.

mcSey said...

Nice blog. Blogrolled.