Wednesday, October 12, 2005

That wasn't much of a party

While surfing around yesterday, I saw that Iggy was back from his tour of the UK. More importantly I saw the bad beat jackpot was over $350k at Party. I had intended to ignore their reload for October but with that kind of money up for grabs, I had to try and get a taste.

All I tasted was shit. I went through a bad run. I played pretty tight until I tilted. My nut straight ran into a boat. My big slick would hit runner runner for the flush. Top pair top kicker would lose to the clown playing 3rd pair but getting two pair on the river. Bottom pair calling down all bets to beat my A high.

It was quite irritating. But those factors make those games beatable. Yeah, I should have kicked myself for capping the turn and river with the nut straight. I figured he had a set. I failed to recognize the full house possibility. That one was my fault. But the majority of the others were not.

Yet bad sessions can change quickly with one big pot. I never got the one big pot last night. Hopefully no one has hit the jackpot by the time I get home. If they have, I will work off the bonus and play some tournament poker. I feel the need to get back into that swing.


Easycure said...

You'll rebound in a big, I know.

Easycure said...

way, in a big way.