Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't fold your top pair to the LAG

With Election Day coming up tomorrow, a number of people are in a tizzy about the choices you will be making tomorrow. They put up some interesting comments about why they will vote for someone. They are passionate about what they are saying.

It seems that most poker bloggers are pretty liberal with some having gone off the deep end of the far left. Few are conservative. Many admit that our government could do more that actually represent our interests. Controlling spending would be a good start. But it is not as bleak as people want you to think. It is like on big poker game. They games are good (like the economy) but the suckout is always around the corner (Frist move).

I think the liberal poker view is pretty much offbase. You can see that some have gone on tilt; they are not seeing the board and figuring out why raising is better than folding. They are playing with their heart more than their head.

For example, some people will lump the Republicans together because they support the President. They will trot out wiretapping of phone calls, Gitmo, or torture and say they cannot support any candidate that would be for that.

The warrantless wiretapping is funny. Most of these people are good Americans. Or so I think. Are they making frequent phone calls to countries on the State Departments list of terrorist countries? They must be if they think the government is listening to their calls. There are millions of phone calls made on a daily basis. It is physically impossible for the government to listen to them all. That is why they focus on known numbers and countries. They do not care about your phoning Aunt Milly in Idaho to get her potato pancake recipe.

They will say that people should not be held without charges pressed against them. Well, you are not going to be picked up off of any street in the United States by the government unless they have evidence of you plotting something pretty evil. However, if you have been captured on the battlefield and have sworn to kill as many Americans as possible, well, that may keep you in a nice little cell for a period of time. You do want to be protected against people that want to kill you, don't you? Maybe we can just dump these people back into the world where they may go about in their effort to kill innocent Americans. Pittsburgh sounds like a good place.

Oh, and when we have these people, they are not to be interrogated either. Known methods that have extracted valuable information from our enemy that has been used to protect American citizens is not to be allowed. But of course, our enemy, the same people that would be allowed to go to Pittsburgh, would rather cut your throat and make a tape of it for people to see on TV.

You can play your hand aggressively and dictate the outcome of the hand tomorrow. Or you can fold to the LAG typing away nonsense in the chatbox. Yes, your pair of 4s may not be the best hand, but it is better than the K high you know your opponent has.

Get both sides of the story. Read about the issues and vote.


Drizztdj said...

Is there a correct vote anymore?

That Rolling Stones' article on the corruption in Congress was pretty disheartening and the fact that we have a committee chairperson on Human Intelligence that can't even spell or a chairperson on regulating the internet who believes poker chips will prevent the tubes from sending out his emails.

For a common guy like me, how else I am supposed to look at how Republicans have abused their majority status?

StB said...

Rolling Stone? Why not read something that is not partisan? I am sure they covered the acts of Reid and Menendez.

Neither party is clean. But one would rather keep America's interests above their own. And that party may lose control tomorrow.

AlCantHang said...

Man, I thought I was a rightwing nutjob.

Why let a silly thing like the Consitution get in the way of your argument? It's not like it's been around that long.

By the way, our founding fathers were considered traitors.

Wolverine Fan said...

Playing Poker online was a way for me to make some extra money and not have to work a second job. They are trying to take that away from me and I feel very strongly about that.

I could give a shit about phone taps or Gitmo as the terrorists reap what they sow.

I have voted Republican all my life until this election.

BigMike said...

"They will say that people should not be held without charges pressed against them. Well, you are not going to be picked up off of any street in the United States by the government unless they have evidence of you plotting something pretty evil."

"Pretty Evil"? Doesn't evil depend strongly on a point of view? Gluttony, drinking, gambling, sex outside of marriage, etc. All considered evil. If you want to go to the old testament of the Bible (as many of the current governments supporters do) then the list of things that are pretty evil gets quite long. I am going to assume you mean that they will not pick you up off of any street unless they have evidence that you have committed a crime.

According to Wisconsin law, gambling on the internet is illegal. Look it up:

So without a Bill of Rights, the blog of a Milwaukee resident admitting to illegal activities, would be enough evidence to pick that person up off of any street and lock them up for a class B misdemeanor. Of course they don't lock people up for misdemeanors, but if you are being held without charges, you could be held indefinitely.

But the government would never bother legislating morality, right? Let's not forget the Volstead Act, the 18th Amendment, proposed by and named for a Republican, vetoed by a Democratic president, Woodrow Wilson, but enacted none the less. Good old Prohibition.

Seriously dude, as an old school Republican, I really believe in freedom. Freedom is not easy. It comes with great responsiblity. No matter how much money special interest groups pump into candidates, they cannot continue to hold office if we do not keep voting for them. I refuse to be terrified into voting for candidates that ignore the constitution. It is the only thing "We the People" have to protect us.

StB said...

You know you have stirred the pot well when both Al and Big Mike leave comments.

I don't buy the argument that the government has violated the consitution. The wiretaps have not been found to be a violation. Further more, to claim that our civil right could be violated with our this administration is paranoia.

Big Mike is right. Freedom comes with responsibility. To preserve our freedom, the government tried to stop the attacks before they could happen. Now if they could have been getting the info by wiretapping and weren't, the opposite story would have been run out, that this adiministration is not doing anything to protect teh country. Nice Catch 22.

If the Dems could give us proof they could protect us and preserve said freedoms, I could support that. But to change for change sake is not the answer.

Watch the economy go in the toilet if they get a chance to enfore their policy.

StB said...

BTW Al, I am not as far right as the post may indicate. I am voting for one Dem locally and rarely vote a party line.