Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poker this weekend

I will actually be playing some live poker this weekend. Or so I believe. I am heading up to the Menomonee Casino in Keshena on Saturday. It has been a while since I have been up there. I just hope the game is still as fishy as it was.

I haven't been playing much poker at all lately. When I do, the results are marginal. I was out early in the WWdN once again this week. Ran my Q Q into K K. I worked my way from 65 back to 200 but had my two pair counterfeited by the play of J 5, when they hit their straight with the pairing of my 8.

I did then play a SnG and finished 3rd. I just wasn't into it after 20 minutes though. I got bored and started trying to bully the table. It worked for a while until I ran 6 6 into 8 8. Still got paid so it wasn't all bad.

At some point I will get back on the wagon and play more. As it gets colder that should happen. If it doesn't, so be it. Poker is still a hobby to me, not a way of life. But at the very least, I will need to get prepped up for Vegas next month. Less than a month away now. 27 days to be exact.

Who else is counting?

I am also trying to figure out what I will be doing out there besides playing poker. Tradition dictates that I get drunk with Iggy at the Sherwood bar in the Excalibur on the first night. Maybe I can get Pauly to point out another well hidden eatery that has great food. Would it be evil to try and get Drizz so drunk that his wife goes off to play craps with bloggers? Can I get Chilly to drink actual beer? I may even go for the no repeat Friday while there.


Chilly said...

Chilly always drinks actual beer. In fact last night I had a couple of Blue Moon's.

I want a tour of the hooker bar. I also want some good sushi. And a big steak. But not all at once.

I preemptively refuse the IP buffet. But I could go for the MGM.

StB said...

Blue Moon ain't bad. Have you tried their pumpkin beer? Not too shabby.

Drizztdj said...

Getting me drunk shouldn't be too tasking since it will be my birthday.

But getting the wife to play craps, that would be a first even though we've been to Vegas together every year for the last eight years.

And damn you for getting me hooked on Leffe!

Ignatious said...

4 weeks, my man. 4 weeks.