Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Swing and a miss!

I hate pounding out a post and not completing the thought or missing a key point I was trying to make. Yesterday was such a post. I quickly typed my thoughts up in a short period of time and forgot to include the point I was trying to make. Drizz actually did it for me.
One party nor the President should shoulder the blame of an abused system,
should we believe that sticking a bunch of Democrats, regardless of their
platform be the answer?No

What people need to do is read up on who is running and where they stand and what their voting record was. Just because your rep is a Republican, it does not mean he/she did not do a great job representing you (bringing pork home to the district is not doing a good job as some would like to think). Likewise, if the person seeking the office is a Dem/Green/Libertarian, you should see what they are proposing and if you believe it is right.

You should not let any newspaper tell you what to do if you are not getting the opposite point of view as well. Everyone has an agenda. Be informed. You don't need to fit everyone or everything into a category.

The other thing I did was screw up the poker analogy. Again, trying to get it done in a short time frame was stupid. The analogy does not read as I had pictured. Pretty bad. This will be the last time I try to bang out politics on a blog where it doesn't belong.

Now go vote already. Reading blogs ain't going to change a thing.

Now go vote.


Chilly said...

Here is to the hope of gridlock.

control by the dems in one side or the other and maybe the next two years won't be quite so insane.

I voted.

Drizztdj said...

T-minus 2 hours and counting for my vote.

Bye bye right wing nut (and supporter of the online gambling ban) Mark Kennedy.