Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Smashed pumpking

So much for pumpkin power. I was the 4th one out when my Q Q ran into K K. Hasta la vista baby!

I see Jason Spaceman may be moving up a bit in the world. All the hard work he put in for Bluff writing the fantastic tournament reports is paying off. The World Series of Poker has picked up them up and will be adding them to their own site. Get over and read about the possible new stars of tomorrow. The reports will be showing up sometime this week so keep visiting the WSOP site if you do not see it right away.

Of course the downside of the Spaceman's success is that he doesn't have enough time to post on his own site. His Predators are currently just ahead of my Red Wings in the Central division of the Western Conference. Yeah, I still can't figure out how Nashville is in the West but hey, what do I know? I got knocked out early yesterday.

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Chilly said...

Evil, pure evil. A Cowgirl and a Dead Wing fan?

At least I respect the Brewers. $5 tickets and lots of beer.