Monday, February 28, 2005

Fishing in Keshena

Spent the weekend up in Keshena, Wisconsin, gambling at the Menominee Casino where they proudly brag "The Wild Rice People" on the chips. To say it was a fishing expedition would be an understatement. They had only 3/6 being played. That should be sign one. Sign two- The number of people that chased to the river with 3rd pair was amazing. But you know what ends up happening. The number of people that chase with nothing sometimes hit their hand on the river and suck it all out.

That is how the weekend went. Friday night was a suckout while Saturday was quite profitable making the poker playing for the weekend practically a wash (down 10 bucks).

Sad part was after I had left the table on Friday, they consolidated to one table and raised the limit to 5/10. A friend of mine cleaned up at that point. I guess leaving when the table has cold decked you may not be the best option.

Details to come later.

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