Saturday, February 05, 2005

Poker Stars thoughts

After playing the WBPT the other night at Poker Stars, I stuck around to see how the games are. I have played some of the SnGs with good success as well as some of the ring games. The site is ok, don't have anything bad to say about it.

But I wonder about some of the players. One thing I find interesting about the site is that you can upload a picture, logo, whatever you want to symbolize who you are. No lame looking graphic person.

It appears the majority of the people that do upload an image, either use their kid or their dog. WTF? How original! I don't need to see Scruffy staring at me. Or some picture of your ugly kid. And believe me, there are some damn ugly kids on that site.

Poker hasn't been too kind to me on the second half of the week. I can't seem to do well at Pokerroom. Yesterday I had my A A cracked by 7 7 when he re-raised my re-raise before the flop and caught his set on the flop. Oh well.

Then someone called down every bet I made when I flopped my set. Though he had a pair of queens, he wasn't laying that down. Runner runner flush knocked me out.

I did then go to Poker Stars and came in 4th in a two table. It wasn't until later on, playing drunk poker, that I came in second on PR.

I wouldn't be shocked if there is a game tomorrow before the Super Bowl. I mean, doesn't everyone play poker before the big game?

And hey, check that banner out! Yep, I am now shilling for the Man!

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