Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Drunk Poker weekend

Played quite a bit this weekend, both online and with actual cards. It was a profitable weekend too. Came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 1st in 6 different SnGs. All the pieces fell into place at the tables for me. I played a bit more aggressive that I usually would and it was working very well. Such a good feeling to go after pots with second pair, draws and or even nothing. When played back at, I was able to back away to avoid damage while possibly even setting my next hand.

And I had a first, someone trash talking me.

Not quite sure what exactly set him off, but I found it to be pretty damn funny. In a battle of wits, this guy was defenseless. It all started when I was on a steal. I was the chip leader and raised it up pre-flop on the button. He re-raised all in. With just 155 to call, I had no choice. My A 5 was up against his Q 4. Flop came Q 4 2. Turn was a 3, river a K. I filled my straight and knocked him out.

That is when it started. He started flaming me for getting lucky and playing that hand to begin with. Though I pointed out that he didn't have an all star hand to begin with, he tried to point out how many outs he had. So? He didn't hit them. It happens.

This player proceeded to stick around and critique every play I made. I had a commanding lead at this point. With only 3 players left, I will make a bit of cash, but should win it all. The clown finally appeared to have calmed down and left.

Or so I thought.

I manage to completely dissolve my lead in 4 hands going from over 10000 to 850. I stayed aggressive in my play but just ran into better hands.

And my heckling friend was loving it. Until I came all the way back to win it. Funny how he shut up quickly. I don't believe in trash talking other players but this person just got to me. I don't plan on doing that again any time soon.

Got in a quick 9 person game at the bar before the Super Bowl. Once again I would be playing a table of those who are pretty much learning the game or just enjoy it on TV. I feel extra pressure at these tables as I am one of the few who puts quite a bit of time learning and trying to improve my game. If I don't do well, it is the walk of shame.

Things didn't look good at the beginning. First hand UTG, I get 9 9 and raise it up to 10 (blinds 2/4). Four callers see a flop that comes K high. I bet it again and get just one caller. Turn is no help to me and I check. I am going to try and keep my aggression in check early on. My opponent bets it out and I call. River is no help and I fold to his bet.

In the big blind next hand, I get a whopper in J 4 suited. Thankfully I see the flop come J J 3. I check it around and then call the 10 bet. Still 4 players in. Turn is a 4. I now have the full house. I check again. Bettor comes out again and all 4 call. River is an A. Sweet! That should be my payoff card. I bet 25. The guy who was betting raises it to 50. One folder and then a caller before it is back to me. I go all in. I am confident that the raisor of course will be in, but I think the guy in the small blind will easily call as well. They both do and I show the nuts.

From there, it looks like I begin to bully the table, but I am not. I catch some good cards and apply pressure. I am doing whatever is necessary to prevent the suckouts. It doesn't hurt to get lucky as well. For instance, I limp in with Q 10 spades. I see a flop of 8 9 7, one spade. 5 players are in. One guy pushes all in for 37. There are two callers. I don't really like the call here as I am on the draw but I have pot odds. I call it and see the J on the turn. I have my straight along with a flush draw now. I slow play it on the turn and bet heavy on the river. No one calls and I only knock one person out.

I cruised to the money and gave up my big lead once again. I go for the knockout twice and fail. I step aside to let the two smaller stacks go at it but neither can't get the other out. It takes a visit from the Hilton Sisters to put one guy away. I have the lead back as we go heads up. I get aggressive with K 6 suited. I try to steal the pot on the king high flop and get pushed all in. I get called by K 5. His two pairs takes it down.

I put my aggression to use now and keep raising any hand. It works as I get my lead back. I take it all down with a nice slow play on a set. I usually don't slow play sets. Don't like to let anyone draw out. But sometimes you just need to do it. I had A 8 in the small blind and completed. Flop came 8 8 4. I check as does he. Turn is a K. I make a small bet. He raises! Nice. I re-raise him all in. That may have not have been the best play as he could still back out, but with only 100 left, he called. His pair of kings is no match for me and I win it all.

Later that night, after the Super Bowl festivities had died down, I went home to play on Poker Stars at 3 in the morning. Drunk poker suits me well the majority of the time. Played a $10 SnG and came in 2nd. Not bad before passing out.

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