Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Multi table madness

Did I really say I was going to stay away? Nah, couldn't have been me. I had to play the $5 multi as I had done pretty well in it in the past. For 5 bucks, how can you go wrong. Gets your poker fix and you could win a little.

My first table was mesmerizing. There were 3 guys in particular that seemed to have little clue about what they were doing. One thought any A was gold. Another that any suited was worth calling 4xs BB bets. And the third that was going to the river with any pair.

And they were winning. Catching their card on the river. I was salivating at watching this. I just need one hand, just one hand.

Instead I got foot after foot. I mean nothing close. I was going to play A 5 diamonds but the guy raised it to 5xs the BB. Of course I would have flopped the nuts but that would be a bad call. If they had limped in front of me, yes, but I was in early position.

I get to play from the BB with Q 8 and flop two pair. I bet and get a caller. I bet the turn A and he folds. None of the maniacs were in on that hand. Hopefully they don't bust before I can get a piece of it.

Instead I fold. Again and again. I am going mad watching this guy call every bet with 10 7 diamonds. The board flopped A A 9. Turn was an A and the river a 4. He had the board and kept calling. Guy betting is possibly the bigger idiot of the two. You cannot bluff a bad player.

Damn, one just busted out. He called an all in bet for 80% of his chips with A 5 off. He pushed his remainder on a flop that totally missed him.

I finally get a decent hand and bet out my A Q. Unfortunately, the only guy who I have seen play and is good calls me. Flop comes 7 6 2. Ugh! I have only one way out and that is to bet. However, I am confident that he called with a pair. I check and fold his push.

Two hands later I am done at 151 when I call an all in with J J. He shows A 10. A on the flop and one on the turn to rub it in. Ouch!

The frustrating part is not really getting any hands to play. And when I did, I played the one poorly and the other outdrawn on. I did have a nice time watching poker.

So what do you do after that? Play a SnG of course! Gained 500 right away. A couple of hands later I had tough hand to play. In the small blind, I called the min raise for a total of 40 with 7 5 off. There were 4 in so I wanted to play the pot. Flop hits me pretty good, J 4 6 two diamonds. Open ended straight is worth a bet. Pop out 150 and get called by all 4. Hmm...did I just make a mistake. I would like to see a nice black 3 to end it but see a black 9 instead. Ok, but not great. I bet 300 and get quickly called by the guy on my right. The others fold. River is a black K.

I am thinking I am in big trouble here. I know the only way to win is to bet. I am about to check when it hits me. The guy's calls were too quick. He was auto buttoning. He is on a flush draw. So I decide to bet a bit smaller into the pot to make it look like I want to be called or raised. After a bit, he folds. Firing that 3rd bullet can be tough, but you have to do it.

I make a run at a bluff that doesn't work. I check raised the flop with A 4 and a runner runner straight draw. Flop of 3 3 6. Turn is a 7. Not bad. River is a 9 but shows the flush possibility. Once again, my only chance is to bluff at it. I bet out only 400, a third of the pot and get called by J J. I tell the guy nice call only to have the a-hole come back with bad bluff. Ha ha.

So next hand I ram it up with a pot size bet with A Q diamonds. Four people had tried to limp in, but only one called. Flop comes A A K. I bet half the pot and get called. Interesting. Turn is a Q. Sweeeeeeeet. I bet the rest of his chips. He calls instantly with J 10 for the straight. I vault into the top.

Players are dropping. I get the feeling that the a-hole is targeting me. He starts to raise my blinds regularly. It doesn't affect me much because I steal some back. I am also pushing the small stacks when I can.

The two small stacks are trying to outlast each other for third. One finally puts a hurting on the other with 2 pair on the river. If the guy would have done more than the minimum bet, he would have won the hand.

The guy who won now has gotten frisky. He starts raising left and right. He tries but cannot knock out the tiny stack. The a-hole finally takes him out. I am comfortably in 2nd when we are in the money.

Now is the time to get a bit more aggressive in the right spot. But 5 2 in the blind won't do it. At one spot, I raise 4 hands in a row, call on, bet on a bluff and then raise the next 3. I take the lead just to let it go with 2 pair bad kicker. Damn!

Now the small stack starts pushing all in on every hand. Hmm...I get A K diamonds on the next hand. The a-hole raises. The small stack (which is not the big stack) does not call. Damn. So I reraise 800 more. He calls. Flop is J 9 8. I push and he folds. But that damn big stack on my right is pushing all in again. I need to get a hand I can play on that. I get A K suited in the BB. Yes! But he folds. Shit!

Now the a-hole is barely surviving. He has only 280 left after posting the BB. I push him all in from the SB with 4 2 off. I type in ATC. Flop comes 4 3 4. DAMN!

So I go headsup with the big stack who has a 2 to 1 advantage. Now he starts pushing in on every hand. I hate that. He must have no post flop play in him. When he stops, I take down a couple of pots but can't get a good handle on him and push out of boredom.

Any recommendation of a good heads up strategy site would be well appreciated. Besides just waiting for a hand, what do you do against someone who just keeps pushing?

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