Saturday, February 12, 2005

Why can't they just lay it down?

One of the funnier things about playing on the net is that people just cannot lay down pocket rockets. They see that A A staring and they think it is their God given right to win this hand.

Case in point. I am playing a tourney at Pokerroom. I have K Q off in mid position and limp in for 20. The BB raises to 100. Because I just won the prior pot,I kick in to see a flop. It comes out 4 9 Q rainbow. I bet out 100, a third of the pot. He raises me back. I call. Turn is a Q. Now I bet just over half the pot, which is half of his chips. He pushes all in and loses to my trip queens.

Now I bet the flop and then bet heavier on the turn. That person must have realized they were behind at that time. I would have laid it down. It is early in a tournament. I can wait for a better situation.

It just amazes me how time after time, the flush, straight or set possibility is screaming at them like a $2 hooker looking to be paid and they pay it off every time.

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