Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ever get that feeling?

You know that feeling. That feeling that only comes from playing online poker.

That feeling that, even though you flopped the nut straight, that the board will pair up and knock you out because someone's set just improved.

Saying that sucks doesn't even cover it. At least it was only 5 bucks.

But it did smart being that it was the first hand and I was talking to a friend. I even predicted the board would pair up.

I had 7 8 off in the big blind. Someone raised it to 60 and there were 4 limpers. Sure, let's see a flop.

4 5 6

Nice. Or so I thought. EP bets 250. I push him all in. Why not, I have the nuts!
He calls and shows 5 5. Ugh, Presto! I am sunk.

At least the board didn't waste my time. The turn was a 4. Done. One hand and goodbye.

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